Face It

You’ve pursued personal & professional development. Though each has enriched you, none has  transformed you. Perhaps you feel divided, seeing yourself in-between this or that, neither here nor there. These are the results of isolated thinking, which is xhausting!

 The problem is we get hooked on shiny ideals or how we wish things to be, while denying how things actually are. One foot is pointed towards a vision, while the other is planted in some limitation or obstacle. With one foot dancing around some inconvenient truth, we get nowhere.

Most try to jump crossroads of discomfort. We fool ourselves saying “I’m really committed to…,” yet reality proves otherwise. This can go on for a LONG time.

Transformation, relief and forward movement, begins by standing in the puddle, fully facing the unpleasant fact or circumstance we’d rather deny. From this uncomfortable position, we come into integrity. In the paradox of our puddle, we find necessary clarity and the energy to choose and act otherwise.


Face what’s there before you, however scary, embarrassing or painful. Step into integrity by stating out loud how it is: “Today is Tuesday (or whatever day it is) and… I’m alone,” or “Today is Tuesday and I don’t want to stay in this job or relationship “ or “… I don’t  make time for what’s most important,” or “… I’m feeling fear about finances,”  what have you…

Walk in this direction, Facing & Accepting one sobering fact, for the next days, and you will sooner find the motivation and inspiration to choose differently.  Remember “what you resist persists!”

AND  Illustrated-by-Jeff-Rogers