Creativity & Surrender

Consider both creativity & health not as end results, but rather as journeys of surrendering old ways of life to the new. The art is in pinpointing what we are ready, willing & able to surrender, and to surrender this to something bigger/greater, something that truly fills our cup and lights us up! THIS is how we engage true power to guide and support us to create and heal.


 Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.  – John Cleese


“The truth will set you free.” It sets others free too. Bringing truth to the surface heals ourselves and our planet.  Yet, honesty with one’s self (allowing ourself to be both light & dark, accepting imperfections) is a difficult thing, if not impossible when ego is in the grip of control. 


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.


Anything created from untruth eventually fails. However, fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) is often so subtle that we don’t realize when we’re in it and creating from it. Our culture perpetuates fear-based addictions consciously and unconsciously, helping us numb ourselves to reality.


To live a creative life, we must let go of our fear of being wrong.


Sometimes we just have to surrender, allowing our heart to lead instead of our mind, and see what happens, because our heart can face the UNKNOWN with infinitely more wisdom than our mind ever can. Pausing to look within, to FEEL and do a little digging, is essential for finding and creating what is most aligned with integrity, compassion and MAGIC!




Ask yourself:

“What is it that I can or must let go of NOW?” 

“What is it that is no longer tolerable or sustainable?”

“What of the old must I now surrender to make way for the new?”

“What needs to die in me so I can radiate greater health & creativity?”


 Jeff Tinker - Bald Cypress