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INVITATION   Please join me for an Archetypal Voyage & Personal Journey revealing Your Life’s Work!

                         A warm Feast of delicious Sacred Space and self Discovery amongst like-minded others.   

                         An inspiring conversation in cultivating CLARITY & COURAGE in Your Vocation  & Life!


                      Transformational Body-Centered Career Coaching 

Email for details for this TeleCourse, incorporating reading, journaling & sharing powerful poetry, prose, personal A’ha’s, and inspiration over 8 weeks.  A stellar group of co-journeyers is gathering once again! 

The TeleCourse is scheduled to begin Sun. Sept.. 20th, 2015, 11:30 ET. This is an eight-part series with 60´sessions taking place weekly. All sessions will be recorded.

This one-time Special offer includes Extensive Assessment & 1-1 Consultation.

Early Bird pricing before Aug. 23rd:  $497   ($597 thereafter)

Looking forward to guiding this journey & facilitating a rich, deep chocolate truffle experience!





World changes are now so rapid that linear goal setting may not be sustainable.  In fact, goal setting can at times disconnect you from yourself!  When you get wrapped up in THE PLAN you actually hold yourself and your business back.

Riding through waves of change, learning to go with the flow of greater creativity unfolding demands a lightly-built  framework and visionary approach, where goals become something to discover along the way while following your vision, rather than something to initially choose/set.

A visionary approach requires consistently cultivating an holistic picture (where I live, what I do, what I make, how I give back, who I spend time with) with more frequent clarifications. Otherwise your life/work may take form in reaction to exterior forces.

To be effective, your vision must be inspired from a deeper place: who you are at your essence, aligned with who you feel called to be and what you are called to do. Your vision must connect to a deeply felt desire for its fulfillment.

Starting with a vision creates a magnetic force that supports your efforts and will show you the steps that lead to its manifestation.  Your vision is magical indeed, and will create your goals for you!

Your Turn:

ASK for your highest vision; Continuously CLARIFY it;  FOCUS on its potential; and learn to LISTEN to it; ALLOW it to show you the way.  Only then can you rest assured you’ve put all that you have into obtaining that which you most desire… 

Voilà Evolution!





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