Get Unstuck

Special Offer for new clients: Creative Breakthrough Intensive resulting in a new Clear Pathway for Change for your career, business, relationship, money or specific issue. $497


Life Work Transition

12 Weeks of Clarity, Courage & Co-Creativity  1-1 Expert Guidance, Leading Edge Resources, Penetrating Insights, Body-Mind Tools that create Confidence, Conviction, Ease & Flow for your relationships, career or business.  I open up space for 1-2 new clients every three months. If you’re considering to work with me, now is the time to register!


Heal Your Money Story

12 Week Program  Start Telling a Better-Feeling Story About Money & Get Ready For Transformation! Money is intimately tied to our sense of worth, confidence & purpose. Everybody has a Money Story & the potential to change it! My Most Powerful Efficient Work through which clients often comment that a door has been opened, they are in better relationship with money, attracting larger figures, and firmly on a new path towards realizing their dream(s). 


Expand Your Genius

12 Week Program  Discover Your Elemental Forces, Natural Gifts, Talents. Receive a diagnosis as to what is getting in the way as well as a prescription for unfolding your Genius Work & True Contribution! There is no greater Gift you can give yourself than to discover Your Greatest Work and bring it forth so it serves you and the rest of your world. Expand in Delicious Aliveness, Satisfying Creativity, and Energizing Abundance. Program includes customized in-depth assessments & Done For You Reports. 


Stand Like a Mountain & Flow Like a River    

Half-day Individual Intensive  Presence & Partnering skills for greater IMPACT!  Archetypal Branding & Platform Building for your business or creative project (virtually or in person). Generate the Power to Think Bigger About Who You Are & What You Offer the World. Come away with Transformational Insights & Skills for your Project, Career, Business that translate into increased confidence, opportunities & income.  


Enroll Change as Your Ally    

8 week Tele-Journey  Learn how to become more Friendly With Change. Includes: career & creative destiny assessments, 1-1 consultation with me, powerful prose, poetry &  journaling and sharing in a small group setting that contributes to your Blossoming & Unfolding the Next Highest Version of You!



Weekend Retreat  for Change Maker Women. Gain Clarity, Courage & Confidence with Laughter, Celebration & Sharing Learnings from Our Successes & Challenges…) 1-1 support within a small group of accomplished, business-minded, wholehearted women. Rejuvenate Your Body & Expand Your Vision & Reach. Hosted at inspiring resort power spots in Switzerland and other magical destinations.  


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