Words of Praise from Clients

“Sanna has coached me during large career and life transitions several times. I needed her as a coach for morale support when I was taking risks with my career and personal life. She prepared me psychologically for things that had not occurred yet, and she’s provided valuable feedback that moved me forward.

In retrospect, her wisdom and intuition were spot on and being able to see what she had explained, made it possible for me to see my success and strength so that I felt confident to continue to move forward and take more risks. I take risks because I am committed to living an extraordinary life in all respects. The risks are emotional and mental; they go against living in resignation and frustration.

Sanna is appropriately diverse in her skillsets and creativity. She is the right person to be coaching creative entrepreneurs. Please contact me for further recommendation of Sanna’s abilities if you have any questions. I needed someone to talk to who is level-headed but gutsy. That’s Sanna.”

~ Timi Gleason, leadership coach, author, org. development consultant


“Working with Sanna was the best investment I ever made in myself. I was able to eradicate long held faulty thoughts about money and begin to really welcome it into my life.

Even a year after we finished the coaching program, I find myself silently thanking her when I see evidence of the healing that has taken place within me. I continue to use many of the techniques she taught me and review my notes from time to time just to remind myself how far I have come.

Sanna did so much more for me that simply “healing my money story.” She opened me up to a world of possibilities.”

~ Nancy Weil, author, speaker


“If you’ve ever wondered what your soul’s assignment truly is or what’s next for you, Sanna’s expertise is to guide you back to your inner clarity, courage, confidence and self authority to dream bigger and live bigger.”

~ Noga, Lawyer & Recording Performing Artist


“If you need a coach, Sanna is the right person to hire. She is highly skilled in working with people, developing the genius in people, and you are definitely able to make the “Big Leap” in your life. Sanna was a great help for me in a very critical business and personal situation. She helped me through a major transition. No “New Age” bla bla, very practical help and support to develop your own solution. And she is also a great spiritual teacher, it is embedded in all she does. So if you are tired of making ends meet somehow all on your own, Sanna is the person to hire! She challenges you and at the same time nurtures you. So in the end you have a great learning experience.  No matter where you live – she is available via phone and Skype. And it works.”

~ Gabriele Meissner, speaker, educator, management consultant


“Sanna was extremely professional and insightful. I felt deeply respected and anything she added was only empowering.  Sanna’s  intuition about my genius and other aspects of who I am were right on, and she helped me to finally find the words to powerfully express what I do for others.”

B. Reece      Trainer &  Coach


“Since working with Sanna, I’m amazed at the number of revelations I’ve had – how potent and powerful each session is leaving me feeling energized and more confident in my decision making process.  With the tools Sanna taught me,  I’ve learned to trust myself to know what’s right and strong and good for me, and how I can make strides in my life and work.”  

~ A. de Gentil     Translator, Editor


“My ship has come in…  Another perfect assignment that will give me the money I need to put my daughter in private high school by September ~ because of our in-depth discussions. I am very appreciative of how ideal this work is for me, and SO GLAD we have been talking about these things and talking about GENIUS work, etc.  I am so grateful for all of Sanna’s insight and wisdom, and the things I have learned.”

~  T.G.      Manager/Consultant


“Just when you think that you have it nailed down, Sanna has this wonderful way of subtly injecting energizing language, concepts and ideas which widen your perception and self awareness, adding another dimension that you didn’t even realize was missing. Together we created a safe place, a zone of magic, where I was able to clarify and articulate new ideas and a greater sense of purpose. And I can’t think of any other person that I would rather have cheering me on. Sanna not only puts time and energy into the process, she is fully present for you and at the end of every session you leave feeling that you have received tremendous value from her.”

 ~ Susan Brambilla   Coach/Consultant


“With Sanna,  I couldn’t have found a better coach! When I began, I was determined to put myself on a path of success, yet had no idea the magnitude of the changes I would make. I am so thankful for Sanna’s help. I felt she really understood me and supported me. With her talents as both coach and educator, she brought my attention to so many things I’d been unaware of.  Her powers of perception and intuition are an incredible gift. The world is truly a better place because of Sanna.”

 ~ A. Meyer   IT Manager/Graduate Student


“Working with Sanna has been the most incredible adventure, more positive and fruitful than I could have  imagined. I have moved so much faster and learned so much in such a short time and above all in a safe space. Just talking things out with Sanna, whom I trust is a wonderful way to clarify my thoughts. And I discover that I know the answer and am able to ground the ideas into action more quickly. And I’ve gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of my gifts and true value. Working with Sanna gave me the language to intelligently connect with a greater sense of purpose, and I’m crystal clear about my next steps. Discovering my own vocabulary that really resonates is highly empowering and inspiring, and has created great conviction for me. “

Melbra W., Accountant, Exec. Coach


“It was a wonderfully enriching experience to have Sanna as my coach.  Her radiance is unparalleled and her energy is infectious!  Coaching with Sanna was such an important chapter in my life and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.  She was fully there for me and moved me to a higher level of insight and integrity.  I truly believe I am able to touch and have touched many lives as a result of this experience.”

~ Ann Beasley, Career Counselor


“Thanks to our work together, I am more directed and deliberate. My clients respect me more, and I’ve developed a great reputation in my field. I’ve been asked to join two Boards, and believe I am more capable and qualified. I feel that I am the true leader and contributor that I’ve sought to be, yet with greater ease and delight.”

~ Chris Steely, MBA, Strategic Business Consultant


“I usually feel sad at the end of a  journey, yet this time it feels very different – like the start of something very new and magical.  Through our work together, I was able to heal very deep seated issues and I feel renewed and excited about the possibilities and opportunities that await me.  Thank you Sanna for your gentle yet firm support and your wisdom throughout my transition.  I am so grateful to have you as my guide!  Until the next time!”

~ C. Fenwick  Recruiter, Exec. Coach


What I’ve learned  from Sanna is how in touch with herself she is, her intuition and inner guidance.  She is both wise and knowledgeable.  I’m learning to Live/work from that place of heartfelt power & mental clarity. too! I discovered that coaching can be a spiritual body experience as well as about achieving more material goals, and that  the two must be approached together as a holistic process. I now am developing my own particular style – it is all starts to flow more naturally, with greater ease.”

~  Sandra T     Educator, Coach


I have just had another amazing coaching session (and I thought it couldn’t get any better – these mentor coaching sessions are just one ‘wow’ after another!). And I will take time to sit with this over the next days to really digest it. I am in this wonderful zone of possibility and feel plugged in to that which I desire more of! Sanna is facilitating within me the most amazing learning experience of my life; I’m so grateful for knowing her! What is most valuable for me is Sanna’s ability to really dig deep with me. She stretches me to think more out of the box, and to focus on what I really want. I loved the exercises she uses that enable me to appreciate my strenghs, uniqueness, and true value. And I will continue working with Sanna.”

~ Lynda J.,  Career Consultant, Trainer


“Over the past four months, I’ve become a “new man.” Actually, the man I’ve always been, but just didn’t “know” it, and my adventure is just beginning. Thanks to Sanna I developed and accomplished my own plan for success; better understand my genius vs. my “excellence,” and the dynamics of self-sabotage. I delved into my birth stories, and have greater compassion for myself. I uncovered hidden loyalties keeping me stuck in status quo, located my “Inner Yes” and “Inner No,” and assessed my relationship with money and anchored my abundance and abilities to attract more of what I desire. I discovered my “yin” aspects and learned to pull results towards me vs. pushing. I learned that overload is a distraction that I used to slow myself down. As a result of claiming my strong spirit and mental strength, I am exponentially more effective in my service, more accepting/trusting of myself and others. The gratitude I feel for Sanna’s coaching and guidance is beyond words. I now know how to love better, and how to reach farther. ” 

~ C.S.  Business Owner


“Things I learned from my Mentor – Sanna Lamb:   New perspective about money/time/goal setting;  Packaging choices to fit client goals; How to define my essence and to let this drive my life purpose;  My core archetypes, values, motivations, strengths, dreams, visions & the courage to express them; The importance of communicating value, contribution & commitment;  How to identify an excellent coach and what makes a coach great!”

~ L. Silverstein   Exec. Coach


“Thank you Sanna. From the start you clearly understood where I was at, and I greatly appreciate that you didn’t make light of it. Yet at the end of our work I felt so much lighter and still do!”

~  G. Senn, Product Manager


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