water work

Water as Teacher 

Many clients I coach feel a sense of restlessness and untapped potential within. They know there’s so much more of them to be expressed, yet there is frustration deep at their core – coupled with confusion about how to tap into their essential energy and express it more meaningfully or effectively in their lives.

Integrative Aquatic Coaching is designed to support you in understanding & resolving what may seem “unchangeable”.  Its specialty is to by-pass the judging mind and effortlessly unwind what is often unknown and unexplored. It gracefully supports you in becoming aware of having more choices and enables you to make little adjustments that will positively reverberate through all structures of your life.

In an IAC session you will be guided to A) drop beneath words to heal core issues held in body tissues, things that you may not have words for or have difficulty to speak about; B) access your essential being and know the next step in your journey.

You are met with respect, exactly where you are and gently supported to…  Be in Flow/Coherence… Release What No Longer Serves… Find Courage and Body Wisdom… Connect to Your Deepest Resources and Potential… Move Gracefully Beyond Your Comfort Zone… Make Healthier Commitments… Experience Change with Ease…

What to expect In a warm therapy pool at 95 degrees F, which simulates the watery environment of our mother’s womb, long held tension and patterns can unwind and body tissues can learn to breathe again – healthy breath and movement patterns are rediscovered. All that’s required of you is a willingness to be present to that which arises. 

Three specific purposes: 1. to clear up anything from subconscious or pre-cognitive experiences which may be affecting your ability to experience your essential self, express your full creativity and create happy healthy relationships; 2. to separate your thoughts and feelings from those that you may have taken on from others or from your mother during your earliest experiences; 3. to give you a body sense of being held and supported at your deepest levels.

Conception, pregnancy, birth and bonding are profound processes beyond our control which lay down behavioral imprints that affect how we conduct our lives and our relationships. The way we initiate and carry through projects, give and receive love, separate our thoughts and feelings from those of others, and respond to time and space pressures all have roots that reach down into these early experiences. Because these early imprints are so fundamental to our existence, they may be viewed as ‘just the way I am’ or ‘just the way things are.’ We may even not be able to imagine ourselves free to choose.

IAC will bring you into coherence. Water work facilitates a level of being from which you can look with equanimity on what might otherwise disturb or confuse you. It offers a unique opportunity to let whatever you may have been suppressing, or obsessing about (with the emotionally incompetent brain) to find its place in heartfelt understanding. The key to anchor healing insights received is to communicate about this in a skillful way.

The aim of IAC is to bring the receiver home to the stillness of Water, to their own breath and natural expression, so that their heart and mind feel understood… and gain clarity about the waves and ripples of their authentic creative expression in the world.

Drawing upon 20+ yrs. immersion in integrative therapies, coaching, aquatic body work as well as pre- and perinatal birth psychology, I create a warm and safe (highly skilled) container for restoring health to the body, mind and spirit. In my own growth, water work has been the most powerful tool for clearing deeply held beliefs and patterns. Facilitating and receiving this work has anchored me in my deepest knowing and taught me to accept and nurture myself in a profound way. Water work is the most liberating and empowering tool I know that supports knowing and expressing ones true power and precious gifts in the world…  It is a journey well worth taking!

When in balance with the element of  water: you are connected to your deepest essence; everything in life seems to flow naturally, as if a current is sweeping you along; you need only the energy necessary to do what is required, no more, no less; you use your resources of energy, time, contacts, and money wisely, neither hoarding nor squandering that which gives you life…  Water is also the element of stillness and rest, taking time to integrate and rejuvenate yourself.

Like the stillness of winter time, it is a necessary part of being human; it allows you to create and be in action when the time is right. It is the deep well, which you draw upon when it seems you have nothing left. It is the reserve of your health. Thus, when you are working too hard, you are depleting your own health.

Water is about having the courage to proceed when confronted with fear and having the willingness to grow to the next level, being completely committed to whatever project lies before you, while remaining true to yourself. When you are committed to your own success, you will find yourself adopting a “No stopping until I succeed” attitude.

When you find yourself faltering, with a healthy relationship to your Water, you can get going again. You easily seek out mentors to access their wisdom, and enjoy sharing your own knowledge and experience.



Water is the only substance on the planet that quenches the thirst. The Dalai Lama says this about it, “For hundreds of mammals or insects or flies, all have the common, I think, same sort of sense. You see, they love water.” Since ancient times water has been cherished and even worshipped as the source of life.

“When flowing water meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it. Do not turn and run, for there is nowhere worthwhile for you to go. Do not attempt to push ahead into the danger. Emulate the example of the water: Pause and build up your strength until the obstacle no longer represents a blockage.” ~ I Ching

Visionary scientist Masaru Emoto, wrote in his book entitled, ‘Messages From Water” that ‘Water is a mirror reflecting our mind’, and that it is telling us to look inside our selves. “Most people don’t realize that water is ‘alive.”

With water work you learn to let water speak to you from that wordless place and to honor it. Than see for yourself how easily things can unfold and changes can come.

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An experience of the special kind   (original version in German below)
“In my daily work as a psychologist, specialized in body oriented psychotherapy, it is known in theory and practice that our body stores not only everyday experiences, but also distant past impressions, beginning with the moment of our conception.  
The work which Sanna Lamb offers is based on these theories.  Her work is grounded in a broad experience of body-oriented methods so that she is profoundly equipped in knowledge and skills related to working with women. A very special thing about her work is that it takes pace in the element of water, precisely to find oneself in warm water, which evokes associations with the beginning of our existence. Reminded of what it was like to be in our mother’s womb, our body feels what our first experiences of security, protection and being held, were like. Or perhaps a lack of these qualities. To confide in the element of water and the expert hands of Sanna Lamb allows you to get in contact with various things our body has stored, and make a new, healing experience.
Theories and knowledge are one side — immediate experience is another. This need led me to make a session with Sanna.
After a period of intensive work, my body felt tired and sore. The warm water initially dissolved the more superficial tension, producing a feeling of being able to let go of something. Through gentle movements and precise pressure on various parts of my body, I was possible to perceive deeper levels of tension. From the muscular layers deep into every fiber, tension seemed to exist in every cell and well into the structure of my bones. Impulses of “I can do it on my own“ and physical and emotional resistances rose into consciousness. To be passive, to let go, I am familiar with from various forms of bodywork. Yet the combination: to be moved passively by someone in warm water seems to me extraordinary.
The result: not only a deep relaxation and immediate experience of regeneration, but also a new contact to the healing powers of the Element, Water.”
Christa Golob, Psychologist, MSc
Eine Erfahrung der besonderen Art
In meiner täglichen Arbeit als Psychologin, spezialisiert auf Körperpsychotherapie, ist mir sowohl theoretisch als auch aus der praktischen Arbeit bekannt, dass unser Körper nicht nur alltägliche Erfahrungen, sondern auch weit zurückliegende Eindrücke, beginnend mit der Empfängnis, gespeichert hat.
Die Arbeit, die Sanna Lamb anbietet, basiert auf diesen Theorien. In verschiedenen körperorientierten Verfahren hat sie sich die Grundlagen für ihre Arbeit erworben, sodass sie heute zum Kreis der erfahrenen und mit profundem Wissen ausgestatteten Frauen gehört. Das ganz Besondere an ihrer Arbeit ist der Umstand, dass es im Element Wasser stattfindet, im warmem Wasser, um genau zu sein. Dadurch weckt es Assoziationen zum Beginn unserer Existenz im Mutterbauch und zu den ersten Erfahrungen von Schutz, Geborgenheit und Getragen-Sein oder möglicherweise zu deren Mangel. Sich dem Element Wasser und dazu den erfahrenen Händen von Sanna Lamb anzuvertrauen gestattet es, mit allem, was unser Körper gespeichert hat, in Kontakt zu kommen und eine neue, heilsame Erfahrung zu machen.
Theorien und das gespeicherte Wissen sind eine Seite, die unmittelbare Erfahrung jedoch eine andere. Dieses Bedürfnis veranlasste mich mit Sanna eine „session“ zu vereinbaren. 
Nach einer Zeit intensiver Arbeit fühlte sich mein Körper müde und verspannt an. Das warme Wasser löste zunächst die oberflächliche Spannung, das Gefühl etwas auf- oder abgeben zu können stellte sich als erstes ein. Durch sanfte Bewegung und gezielten Druck an verschiedenen Körperstellen war es möglich, tiefere Ebenen der Spannung wahrzunehmen. Von der muskulären Ebene bis tief hinein in jede einzelne Faser, in jede Zelle schien Spannung sogar bis hinein in die Knochenstruktur zu existieren. Impulse des Selber-machen-Wollens können registriert werden, Widerstände sowohl auf körperlicher als auch auf emotionaler Ebene steigen ins Bewusstsein. Passiv zu sein, machen zu lassen, ist mir von verschiedenen Formen der Körperarbeit bekannt. In dieser Kombination: im warmen Wasser passiv bewegt zu werden, erscheint es mir einzigartig.
Das Resultat: nicht nur eine tiefe Entspanntheit und unmittelbare Erfahrung der Regeneration, sondern auch ein neuer Kontakt zu den heilenden Kräften des Elements Wasser.
Christa Golob, Psychologin MSc