Change Maker WOMAN  


               * You’re a Values-Driven Professional; Servant Leader; Entrepreneur.


               * You’ve resolved to both claim your power and receive greater support.


               * You cherish authenticity and depth, and are repelled by noise or hype.


               * You’re ready to do the work of sculpting & leveraging your message.


               * You desire an easeful, graceful and wholesome kind of success.


               * You know professional growth and inner growth go together.


               * You value having a place of sanctuary, refuge & tranquility.


               * You are ready to expand your reach, audience and contribution.


               * You need a strategic, gentle roadmap. 


WELCOME  The time is ripe with unprecedented changes and challenges. More than ever, everything is up for re-evaluation. Bring your work-life puzzle; your relationship challenge; your career or leadership question. It just might be the doorway to DISCOVER YOUR LIFE’S WORK & UNFOLD YOUR WINGS!


“Sanna has coached me during large career and life transitions several times. She prepared me psychologically for things that had not occurred yet, and she’s provided valuable feedback that moved me forward. In retrospect, her wisdom and intuition were spot on and being able to see what she had explained, made it possible for me to see my success and strength so that I felt confident to continue to move forward and take more risks. I needed someone to talk to who is level-headed but gutsy. That’s Sanna.” –  Timi Gleason,  O.D. Consultant


JOIN US  where change is the only thing we can depend on and ChangeMakers, leaders & visionary entrepreneurs build careers and businesses that create change from inside-out. Individually & collectively we are invited to STRETCH OUT OF STUCK, TRAPPED, TIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES and into a beautiful possibilities never before imagined. 


Working with Sanna was the best investment I ever made in myself. I was able to eradicate long held faulty thoughts about money and begin to welcome it into my life. Even a year after we finished the coaching program, I find myself silently thanking her when I see evidence of the healing that has taken place within me. I continue to use many of the techniques she taught me and review my notes from time to time just to remind myself how far I have come. Sanna did so much more for me than simply ‘healing my money story.’ She opened me up to a world of possibilities.”  –  Nancy Weil Author and Speaker


YOU WANT clarity, courage, confidence and tools to MAKE CHANGE EASIER; to get clear on your message; to expand your presence & grow your impact. Maybe you feel out of sync in your primary relationship or experience overwhelm and doubt that you can balance it all.


I CAN HELP take struggle out of change. Programs, Products & Retreats offered here are designed to guide and encourage you to trust your intuition, expand you genius & make the leap. Living your truth and offering yourself in service to others is The Magic that fills your cup & changes your world like nothing else!


WHO I ENJOY collaborating with is Change Maker Women interested to experience more satisfying rewards while positively serving  their world; willing to escape their comfort zone, Collaborate towards Breakthroughs and experience greater Impact & Delight in all their relationship interactions.


GET TO KNOW ME  I’m a Change Expert & Transition Coach with 20+ yrs experience in International Career Development, Entrepreneurial Coaching & Integrative Body-Mind Therapies. I’ve travelled the world gathering the best, most transformational tools that will positively Change your relationship to Your Work, Money, Creativity and CHANGE itself. 


TOGETHER WE CAN melt your fears with laughter; trade worry in for wonder; resolve sub-conscious behaviors that hold you back; help you find your voice and claim your creative power to MOVE THROUGH WORK/LIFE CHALLENGES with clarity, ease and grace. This Magical Moment is an oasis full of resources supporting you to SHOW UP and make your greatest, most rewarding contributions.


Cheers to Change!